Installation of New Septic Systems

With the installation of a new conventional septic system, JJ & B Services provides our clients with the following services:

  • Engineering services, including design, PERC testing and attendance at any required planning board meetings. 
  • Underground mark-outs as required by the State of New Jersey 
  • Pump-out, crushing and burying of all existing septic components. 
  • Supply and installation of the new septic tank, with upgraded baffle option, effluent filter and pumps, when required. 
  • Build up of septic tank lids to finished grade. Providing the client appropriate access for future tank servicing. 
  • Excavation of new drainage field 
  • Import of clean, tested septic sand. 
  • Removal of excess soil 
  • Supply and installation of distribution box and perforated pipe in accordance with plan. 
  • Furnish and install Sch. 40 PVC connection to the distribution box. 
  • Complete grading of all disturbed areas. Hay and seeding for new lawn growth. 
  • All health department inspections and approvals.
  • In the event of real estate transfers: we guarantee all work to be completed by your closing date.
  • In some instances we are able to finance your new installation until closing.

new septic tank installationNew septic tank and risers

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